Bary The Human.
Panem Hodie,
Panem Crastinum,
Panem Perpetuum.

I’ll be your family now


Do you want to touch it?

Yes I do.


House Targaryen will end with me. That made her sad. “You must be my children,” she told the dragons, “my three fierce children. Arstan says dragons live longer than men, so you will go on after I am dead.”

Great. Were all bloody inspired.


Natrolite; Imilchil, Morocco

Excellent performance. Or it would’ve been, had the assignment been a duet. Apparently, you both feel that you’re above this class, and all that governs it.

Some dreams are bigger than others. Me being on Broadway? That’s a big dream. Me being on Broadway in Funny Girl as Fanny Brice, inheriting the mantle of my idol, Miss Barbra Streisand? That’s the culmination of every dream I’ve ever had.


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